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How does fairy hair work?

We tie one piece of fairy hair to one piece of your hair. This way you can still brush your hair and care for your hair properly. We do not recommend using a bead to crimp fairy hair into your head because it could be snagged during brushing and can be seen in your hair.

How long does fairy hair last?

An hour, several days, weeks or months.People typically shed 50-100 pieces of hair per day. Fairy hair tends to last longer in people with thick hair. We have a customer who kept one strand in for a whole year!

How long does it take?

I recommend booking 15 minutes per customer receiving 10-15 strands. 

Can I wash and style my hair?

Yes! We highly encourage people to take care of their hair how they normally would. This includes washing, brushing, coloring, straightening, and blowdrying. If you have any other special haircare situations, just ask.  

For the Kiddos

Are you going to cut my hair?

No - we are tying one piece of fairy hair to one piece of your hair. We will trim the fairy hair to be the same length as your hair. 

Does it hurt?

It won’t hurt a bit. It’ll feel like someone is playing with your hair.

How are you tying it to my hair?

This is our fairy wand! It’s a very small crochet hook that we will use to knot the fairy hair onto the hair.

How can I see my fairy hair?

We recommend kids look at their fairy hair in a mirror to avoid accidentally pulling it out.

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